Uncraft World Credits

Here’s the people that made Uncraft World possible !

FUYA : Fuya is the artist responsible for the majority of the girl images in the game.


You can visit him on DeviantArt here : http://fuyahana.deviantart.com/

Shawli Chen : Shawli is another great artist ! We have teamed up with her to include her images in our brand new levels designed by Digital ISART students (more on that later).

Shawli_1 Shawli_2 Shawli_3

You can visit her on DeviantArt here : http://shawli2007.deviantart.com/

You can also order artbooks, postal cards and collectibles directly from her here : http://shawlisfantasyart.com/

Kaho Okashii : Kaho is another very talented artist ! We worked with him on some of our older projects and some of his images are included in bonus levels.

Kaho_1 Kaho_2 Kaho_3

You can visit him on DeviantArt here : http://kahookashii.deviantart.com/

FantomenK : An amazing musician who’s specialty is old chip music revamped to the maximum.

Digital ISART Students : To develop the new Uncraft World levels and do the initial testing phase of the Level Editor, we had the chance of counting on the help of 14 DIGITAL ISART student interns ! DIGITAL ISART is a school specializing in forming the new generation of art, level design and programmers for the game development world.

A special thanks goes to these students who did an AMAZING work with us !

  • -Julien Chardonneau
  • -Stevy Chassard
  • -Philippe Duhamel
  • -Maxance Glalan
  • -Geoffrey Leray
  • -Vincent Lucain
  • -Antoine Lucas
  • -Morgan McMillin
  • -Guillaume Meyer
  • -Xavier Pouillot
  • -Julien Royer
  • -Esteban Sanchez
  • -Quentin Veron

You can see more info about DIGITAL ISART Here : http://www.isartdigital.com/en/

GregMat4 : Super helpful beta tester. With his infinite patience, he helped us get many bugs out of the game !

CHOLOCO : Choloco is the main artist from Team Shuriken. He is responsible for the art direction, sketches, tiles, background cube setups and any artistic decisions regarding the game

Louis Lavallée : That’s me ! The programmer and overall conceptor.