Studio TeamShuriken has been making XBox Live Indie Games since 2009.

We focus on bringing sexy anime art style into varied gaming genres.

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    • We haven’t started on Tokyo 2059 yet and don’t have any short term plans to work on it 😦

      • Honestly i think the gameplay of tokyo 2029 was pretty bad, way too simplistic :-/ We worked super hard on animation and lightning but the gameplay and balance itself needed WAAAY more work. We have a bunch of unannounced ideas i’d like to work on much more than a sequel for tokyo 2029.

        We have enough ideas 100 times more interesting on standby to work on for the next 3-5 years so a sequel is really not likely to happen.

      • well can you make an game thats more deadly a fighting just like it dude im beging you huge fan bro i love your studios more than the other indie games

    • Very unlikely. The code is written in XNA so a playstation port would involve a full rewrite.

    • We’ve received a lot of russian applicants and some will get selected. first round of beta will focus on applicants who expressed interest in creating maps. Later on, we’ll add some randomly picked applicants to test out our own new content.

  1. I just saw someone playing this and he gave me this website. The game looks really interesting cant wait for it to some out

  2. I found a bugg in the demo of Uncraft Me.
    When you save all the goddesses you dont get Artemis in the Gallery.
    I love the game keep working 😀

  3. hey
    in the uncraft me 2 demo the last part of stage 4 could skipped. did you do it with purpose or is this a mistake?

  4. Hey Team Shuriken! My name is Phil but I go by SlappySquirrelX on Xbox live.

    I’ve noticed no one’s commented about Dream Divers. That’s a great little game and it needs a 3rd installment. Despite that it’s all about over-the-top busty young women, the gameplay and trial-and-error style of play is fun.

    Are there any plans for another installment?

    • Hi Phil,

      I’m very happy you liked Dream Divers 🙂 There used to be plans for a new Dream Divers Vania with one big open world that opens up as items/abilities/new girls are found. However we never started working on it and I don’t think we will ever do :-/

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