16 comments on “Uncraft Me 2 on XBLIG + PC Demo and update on the Steam version

  1. Congratulations on finishing UCM2. I’m looking forward to the PC release! There’s a couple things that I’ve been wondering.

    Is Alex the size of a Pikmin, or are the Goddesses, Idols, and Kittens just really big? If it’s latter, how big are they in metres?

    You have Goddesses, Space Idols and Kittens, but no Kitty Girl Space Idol Goddesses from what I have seen. Are there catgirls in UCM2, or are there plans to include at least one in the PC release? I love both the kitties and the goddesses, and I would love to have both at the same time! I’ve been following the artist you commissioned called FUYA on Pixiv, and FUYA bookmarked another artist who did an awesome piece with Space Kitty Girls under this illustration ID: 13059923 (I think the universe would be a better place with more cute and busty kitty girls~♪).

    With that out of the way, I did find one exploit on the 4th stage from the UCM2 PC Demo. During the last part where you have to race through the red laser beam maze. If you stand next to the very first laser beam, you can fly to the left around the ceiling, and skip the maze entirely.

    In any case, keep up the good work. UCM1&2 are both fun, and FUYA’s cute and sexy illustrations complement it nicely.

    • Thanks for the comments and suggestions. The idea to have a cat girl is great ! We haven’t done it in UCM 2 but i’ll keep this idea in mind for the future.

      I know about the exploit but since only 1 of my 7 friend testers found it, i thought it could be a cool thing to leave there. There’s also 2 more of them in the later levels, though the other 2 are smaller things, not skip a whole maze type of shortcut. They’re in level 6 and 7.

      Though not specified in the game’s lore, I’ve always considered Alex to be human sized. Just like any other human who got turned into cubes. That would make the goddesses giants. I would estimate that in game, the girls are about 250 times taller than Alex, so maybe they’d be about 350-450 meters tall.

      I’ll pass on your good comments to FUYA, I think he really outdid himself and UCM2 making the girls look greater than ever !

      Merci !

  2. Hello!

    I’m very sad because I played Uncraft me and it was great, but I can’t install Uncraft me 2!!!
    Once the setup is launched, it downloads everything, and when i launch the game, it loads, and then it crashs…And I have a long error message, and it says that this file:
    Is missing…I don’t understand, because the first version was working great! Is there any solution or do I have to wait for the release of the Beta version?

    Thanks for your attention, and sorry if my English is not 100% correct (I’m french ^^ )

    • Hi Jean, I’ve made a fix for that bug yesterday. There was a bug on french OS. Redownloading and reinstalling will make it all work correctly. Sorry !

    • Resolution yes. texture settings probably not. Our textures are low res by purpose because we want an old school look.

  3. OK here is a cuetion how do i install the game? i download everything but its just a file help me please

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    • Yes Daniel !!! I’m working on Uncraft World’s Trailer right now and we should be ready to release on Steam Early Access any day now !!! more details soon !!!!!

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