10 comments on “Uncraft me on Steam Greenlight; PC Demo available for download !

  1. I was wondering how I could possibly contact teamshuriken I have questions regarding some of their games sound tracks.

      • Didn’t post here, but i had already contacted J through email when approving his comment. Just leaving a comment on this page gives me access to your email so I can reply privately if it’s not of public interest

  2. Just asking, if it shouldn’t be Greenlit because of all the haters, will you release it on your website ?

    • Probably not. Too much work and without steam it would make getting sales much harder and we’d probably end up waisting lots of time for very few sales. Too risky 😦

      Instead, we’re working on uncraft me 2 for XBLIG and hoping to be able to promote the greenlight directly in the game to get our actual fans interested in the steam version. Our big problem is many people love the game on xblig but don’t know the game is trying to get greenlighted. We’ll try to change that with uncraft me 2. Until then, we’re not putting extra work on the steam edition.

      Also, I don’t think the haters are a real problem. It’s not about how many people hate the game, just about how many would like to buy it if it releases on PC. We’re getting a decent amount of Yes votes, but we need to drive our xbox fans to vote if we are to get enough votes.

      • First off thank you so much for the fast reply !
        Second well i’ll just get all of my friends to vote yes then hopefully they find a bunch of friends which are interested too.

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